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Welcome to my page of stories, exploits, pictures, reviews, rants, DJ'ing, traveling and anything else I choose to post up here. For more info on this page or who I am, click on 'About'.


travels>> Argentina/Antarctica 2006 UPDATED! Yes, I'm going to Antarctica for a couple of weeks in January 2006. Check out the ice and the penguins and whatnot. Should be fun. go pictures >> go videos >>

travels>> Barbados 1997 — I finally got around to uploading scanned photos of my week-long trip to Barbados a few years back. go>>

travels>> China 1996 — Also had a chance to upload my many photos from my three-week Student Ambassador trip to China. go>>

events>> ACL Festival & Lance Armstrong's Party — While in Austin I was lucky enough to have a chance to visit the three-day ACL Music Festival and Lance Armstong's seventh Tour De France/"Thank You Austin" party. go>>

travels>> Road Trip/Summer 2005 — On a road-trip to Austin, Texas. I'll be stopping in on Memphis and Dallas on the way. go>>

events>> Detroit Concert of Colors 2005 — What an awesome time this year; all of the bands rocked and Ozomatli was even better than I expected. go>>

events>> Detroit Electronic Music Festival 2005 — The sixth year of the festival, and yet ANOTHER name change (this year it's the Fuse-In Festival) and a totally new group managing affairs. go>>

travels>> Japan - Spring 2005 — I had too much money and had to find someplace to spend ALL of it...that's pretty much it. I've found through past experience that Japan's great for that. go>>