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Chicago 2005

I was able to make it twice to Chicago in 2005. Once in the spring and once for the fourth of July celebration in the summer. Both times involved a lot of walking around the city and sight-seeing (and a White Sox/Mariners game), but the fourth of July celebration (which is held every year by the city) was a bit of a change. The Taste of Chicago event was held in Millenium Park which drew thousands and thousands of people down to the waterfront. The marina was full of yachts, and everybody was camping in the parks and BBQ'ing along the lakeshore. Around 6:00pm they closed down the city streets in the area (a large block of downtown) and proceeded to have a fireworks display later on in the evening. A good night of drinking, partying and hanging out with the rest of Chicago. Those last two pictures? Cherry picking! Picked me fifteen pounds for fifteen dollars. Not bad...not bad at all.