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Japan 2003-2004 :: Movies

This time around I was able to capture some decent video with my lil' Canon SD10 digital camera, which I carried with me wherever I went. Below are some videos captured at some clubs in Nara and Kyoto, featuring the Nara Freestyle Grandmaster doing his thing, my friends Hiro, Yuki and Yuichi from the band PINKLOOP rockin' Kyoto, the renowned DJ Masterkey working the decks as well as some other random clips of interesting stuff. (My apologies for the poor sound capture and color contrast on some of these--it's only a digital camera after all, not a video cam. Try turning your monitor/TV contrast and bright up a bit. )


A shot of the action from behind the DJ booth at one of the hottest clubs in Kyoto.

The crowd gettin' down in Kyoto.

A friend of mine's souped up cars - an '84 Cavalier with a full hydraulic system and lift. Fun to ride in.

A scene at the covered mall in Kyoto (San-jou).

DJ Masterkey on the decks in Kyoto.

The Nara freestyle champion and his partner spit some rhymes at Masterkey's event, Nara.

Some more tag-team rapping going on in Nara.

The Nara freestyle champion does his thing backstage.

PINKLOOP in Kyoto, the last show of their 'Hello My Darling Tour 2003'.