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So I jumped on a low-priced ticket to Japan without planning very much of anything before I went. I was supposed to be there for only three weeks, but due to a travel agency mix-up, I was scheduled to be there two months! I finally got everything worked out with various calls and e-mails back and forth and I ended up in Japan for exactly one month.

Although I was in Japan for a relatively short amount of time (I had never been there for less than five weeks before), I got a lot accomplished. Two mountains were climbed, I met up with a lot of friends I hadn't seen in a while, visited many of clubs and bars in and around Kansai/Tokyo, filled up on Japanese cuisine, saw one of the country's biggest tea-tasting exhibitions in Kyoto, and got a chance to see one of the largest matsuris (festivals) in Japan in Akihabara (Tokyo).

This time around I didn't really have any plans and just played it by ear the entire time. Nothing especially exciting, just a lot of visiting friends, sight-seeing and partying. As usual, I had my share of problems when it came to housing accommodations and where to sleep etc., but it all worked out. It always does, one way or another. Haven't had to sleep outside once yet!