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Japan 2001 :: Other Stuff

For a full description of this trip, go here. Events and travels that don't have their own section including: Kuwana sights, the inside of the 'Michigan Boat', Shigaraki, Ikebana (done my myself), bowling, Ise, Ukimido Temple in Nishi Otsu, Wakasa Beach, Osaka Aquarium, The World's Largest Ferris Wheel, Flower Statues in Nagoya, Bonsai Tree Competition in Himeji, Hiroshima Peace Memorial, Onsen (Spa) Town near northern Kobe, Insect Alcohol, Stag Beetle, Barbequeing in November, Skateboarding in Kyoto and the Michigan Boat at night. (Click a thumbnail once to open the picture, then click the thumbnail again (or the 'Close' text on the upper-right hand corner of the pop-up) to close it. The pop-up pictures are dragable.)