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So, a few friends and I are looking for a good night out on the town in Nagoya after the latest DABO concert at Club Quattro (2001.09.08). We were going to stay at Quattro, but after the concert ended, they promptly herded us all out to get our fun somewhere else. Now, having been to Nagoya many times before visiting friends, sightseeing etc., I was looked upon to find a place to hang out until the trains started up again at 5:30 (5 hours to blow). ...but alas, I had never partied in Nagoya before; and we sure weren't going to hang out at Nagoya castle and enjoy the scenery or anything like that. So we asked some people where a good place to hang out is.

We had a few tips from foreigners and Japanese alike that we chatted up with on the streets; so we headed for the Nagoya Tower after some tips that the "cool" clubs were "that way". After stopping multiple times for food and refreshments to keep us going while we hiked around the city, we finally made it to what looked like the entertainment district (a.k.a. flashing lights and stuff). Alright! We were pretty much tired and sleepy at this point and looking to go 'rest' at what looked like a cool four-story club (ID Bar)--waited in line, got to the front only to have the doormen not only pat us down but ask for our gaikokujin (foreign registration) cards (keeping true to the name of the club I guess...?)!

Now, living in Kansai and mainly partying in Kyoto and Osaka, we were dumbfounded. They even told one of our friends to buy a T-shirt at Lawson's instead of his wife-beater he had on. We had never heard any of this before, complete nonsense we thought. "What's up with the rules and regulations you guys have here" said my friend, asking one of the American doormen. He responded with what basically could be summed up as "Too many foreigners here--they cause trouble and are a liability."

Wow. Surprise surprise.

Now, I'm assuming as, what, the 3rd largest city in Japan, of course this must be a problem; it was just a surprise to us having never encountered it in the previous six months of partying. I am assuming this kind of thing is very prevalent in and around Tokyo also, having never been or wanted to go there. But why Nagoya and not Osaka we thought....?

Anyways, we decided to try our luck elsewhere, picked up some more drinks, some more directions, and headed on our way. Enter club number two- long story short, we pay the 2000yen cover, haggle our way in (this club also had a dress code that we were able to bypass-read ahead for the reason), and we were happy. So we thought. We get in, and the place is pretty much dead for a Sat. Night. After using our drink coupons we bust out of there, and try to find yet ANOTHER place to rest our weary bodies (it was now 1:30a).

We go to another club--same thing, you need ID/dress code; our friend had lost his ID so we headed elsewhere. Last club we go to happens to be paydirt--the performers of the concert were hanging out there, the music was ok (with the same opening DJ from the concert playing) and we happened to be the only foreigners there (actually, we were the only foreigners at the previous clubs, and at the concert too). We were able to take pictures with Dabo, Ozrosaurus, Maccho, Suiken (all Japanese rap stars); which was definitely a highlight. But...we were very tired, and wanting to go home. It was 2:30. Hmmmm....

So we headed to the local park...well, actually, more like a paved open-space, and slept on the street for a few hours in front of the subway gates before catching the first train home. Lesson better know what you're doing in Nagoya (or anywhere) ahead of time or you'll end up wandering around the city for hours.