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I have listed a few Japan-related links of interest below.



Yoko's Homepage - Home Page (Japanese)
- a school friend of mine who lives close to where I do in Michigan. This is her online journal of life in Michigan.

Sports Hotel Terry - Home Page
- the place to stay when going to Nagano for a ski vacation. Only a 5 minute walk from the slopes, decent prices, onsen, great atmosphere and staff.

Drew Kelly - (Temporarily Offline)
- a friend of mine who went with me to Japan in 2001 is now over there teaching English on the JET Programme. This is his personal site where he keeps a very well updated chronicle of his life and the happenings around him in Miyama-cho Japan.

Dave Aldwinckle -
- a guy who has lived in Japan since going for a business trip in 1986, now has a wife and two daughters in Hokkaido. Tackles issues of Japanese society, provides lots of essays on his views; an interesting take on Japan if nothing more.

Daniel Laursen -
- Dan went to Japan in the summer of 1999 on a program with Michigan State University. It was a different program than the one I participated in--shorter, without the work experience. He provides notes on his experience in Japan, and his thoughts on the trip as well as Japan.

Young Dudes [YD] Guide to Japan - Home Page
- A guide, directed towards guys, of the 'finer' things in Japan--drinking, women, clubs, food etc. Has some great personal experience stories and writings, including a very active message board.

Price Check TOKYO -
- how much is an apple right now? How about a 10 minute calling card? Well, find info on the latest prices of the most expensive country to live in here.

Engrish! -
- cataloging hundreds of amusing Japanese-English products slogans, names and signs from all over Japan.

Japan Today -
- news site for Japan and international news (in English), useful for seeing what's up in Japan.

Schauwecker -
- has a wealth of information on Japan including many links, articles and a pen-pal database.

- a great site for finding information on Japanese swords. Hosted by The Society for the Preservation of Japanese Swords.

Richard Stein, Ph.D. - The Japanese Sword Index
- the site for finding out information on Japanese swords. Has everything you could possibly think of, including articles and charts.

The Japan FAQ - The Japan FAQ
- full of information on going to and living in Japan, as well as personal essays on different topics and answers to many popular questions on Japan. I read through this entire site more than once, very interesting for those planning on visiting Japan.