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Here are the various stories, journals & editorials written by me (except where noted). Listed by type & subject.



  • First Four Months (2001) - A personal journal of my first four months in Japan. Not all that interesting, just day-to-day life and what I thought.







  • Penpal Fun - The reason why Japanese schoolkids' English is so bad? The teachers and material they're taught with! Kinda funny...
  • Scott In...Jail??? - An article written by someone I didn't even know (at the time), posted on a Japan-related message board shortly after my arrival in Japan. Just for laughs, is not true (although some family members thought it was after reading it online). This guy (Kawama) now generously hosts this site on his servers (thanks man!).
  • Scamming Train Fare - An article written by my friend, Drew, on the finer points of 'borrowing' public transportation in Japan. Visit Drew's website and read about his life in Japan teaching English to schoolkids here.